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McCormick Tractors

“Its good to be back”

With the introduction of the Real McCormick, Tractor Care has been very busy explaining how that known brand showed up on a new tractor. The curiosity of people is amazing. Telling the story about Cyrus McCormick from the beginning at Walnut Grove Va. (just 45 miles south of us) to the rebirth of the name on todays modern machinery is fascinating. We are very proud to represent McCormick and hope to grow with them in the future. Currently McCormick offers tractors from 28 to 230 hp. Compact tractors range up to 57 hp, four wheel drive with hydrostatic or shuttle shift transmission.Larger models are also cab equipped. The CMAX and CX series range from 60 to 110 hp. CL series tractors are straddle mount w/o cabs. CX tractors are platform style cab. Both models offer four wheel drive. The MC series offers 90 to 130 hp. with power shift transmission and power shuttle. These also are four wheel drive. The big horses include the MTX models, 120 to 135 hp.The XTX 145 and 165 with 8 speed powershift and the TTX 190, 120, and 230 hp. All these units have ample hydraulic flow and excellent torque rise to be productive in the field. Stop in and get the McCormick story or go to www.mccormickusa.com.